#2. Snug in the Wool - The Story of a New Zealand Mill Mouse

1. why was this story made into a mural?

The response to "Knit one, Purl one" from younger students was amazement!  Shopping for cheap ready-made clothes is all they know. There's massive choice, why bother with the time and effort to make from scratch? Why would anyone make their own clothes?

This then should be the next story; to celebrate again the home industry of generations before but also showing all the industrial process leading to a ball of wool ending up wrapped around knitting needles.

2. what was the design process (each mural is different):

This mural is a tale of two tails. A cat chases a mouse through the Kaiapoi Woollen Mill. This animation is a device to take the viewer along on journey of factory to home production.

Visual elements were storyboarded. At the time of course year end (2010), only the cushions for the mural were completed. But in final exhibition at Kaiapoi Art on the Quay (2015), the viewer walks along large chairs made in Kaiapoi blankets. Unfortunately, the mouse doesn't manage to escape the cat.

Images (above left):

  • Storyboard plan and song (tune: This is the House that Jack Built)
  • Proposed exhibition plan (Workbook, 2010)
  • Exhibition at Art on the Quay, Kaiapoi (Jan. 2015)
  • 7 individual cushions & cat 
  • Mock-up for banner book (made for Creative Technology Course, 2010)

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