#6. The Mill is Kaiapoi - The Story of a New Zealand Woollen Mill

1. why was this story made into a mural?

Project co-ordinated by Jackie Watson. Contributions from: Waimakariri Arts Trust, John Shivas (current owner of the Kaiapoi Woollen Mill site), Jackie Watson (Kaiapoi Shakes book and Rubble Rousers public artworks), Creative Communities, Kaiapoi Community Board.

2. what was the design process (each one is different)!

The Mill story starts with the Maori kainga depicted in Charles Haubroe's 1855 painting of the Cam River in Kaiapoi and ends with the earthquake that destroyed much of the North Canterbury town.

Windows of the brick faced mill are used to show the passage of time and the changing fortunes of both town and mill. These windows are fabricated with panes to view through for glimpses of moments in time. The whole window panel can also be lifted up to see the scene behind in more detail.


Launched at Waitangi Day Family Celebrations, Feb 2014.


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