#4. Midnight Williams, The Story of a New Zealand Truck Driver

1. why was this story made into a mural?

Going into the second year of this course, I wanted to develop the concept of handcrafting as a stand-alone experience; an experience that could evoke and emotional response; a response from both old and young.

Step #1: Finding the story

So I'm looking for a story about transport in the "olden days". Then my Dad remembered back when he was a young man working in a cheese factory in the student holidays, that there was a fellow called "Midnight Williams" who picked up wool and other goods and drove all over Banks Peninsula.

Who was this fellow? And why was he called "Midnight Williams"? My curiosity was aroused..

2. what was the design process (each mural is different):

Step #2: Researching the story 

After the local Banks Peninsula paper ran a front page story, the generous folk from Banks Peninsula wrote, emailed and phoned me with their own recollections - many from their own childhoods - and the travels of Herbert F. Williams, aka Midnight Williams, truck driver from 1920 - 1960 began to take shape. 


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