New Book Project: Manukau! Mural! Music! Mystery and Mayhem!

This is a big project made up of many parts.

The mural storybook "Manukau, Harbour of Stories" will soon to be on permanent display at Voyager Maritime Museum in Auckland. 

Click HERE for making-of-the-mural story

This display will be a story-telling experience for visitors to the museum. It has also created the momentum and opportunity to make the mural storybook into a book story. Added into the mix of crafting and history will be a bit of mystery and mayhem! We are looking for someone with the right skills to help us develop this.

Click HERE for proposed storyboard / looking for an illustrator information

Every Handmade Histories mural comes with words sung to an easily recognisable traditional tune. David Parker has collaborated with other musicians bringing different layers of sound, cultural textures and ancient instruments.

Click HERE for music recording
Click HERE for words to the song