Story Box Workshop

It's a box that tells a story (and is good for storage!). Having things collected together in one place is a good way to manage resources & have things in a place where we can find them later!

The Story Box stores inside it what is shown on the outside...the outside is like the cover of a book.

This workshop mixes paper with fabric and will give you a taste of using different skills: in combination

  • Stitching- both handstitch & machine stitch
  • Collage - both of paper & fabric

to get a multi-textured look.

If you don't have a theme for your box, wallpaper sample books are great for getting ideas. The generous staff at Resene Paints Colour Shop, Warkworth gave me a couple of books which are available for workshop students to use as inspiration. 

"The Way-Way Back" background information about a certain kind of storage box:
Years ago young ladies would put aside linen in a chest called a Glory Box or Hope Chest so that they were ready for when they got married and needed to set-up a home...
our Story Box isn't a Glory Box but will have necessities in it. What kind of "necessities" will be up to you to decide.